About Us

Brian's Bio

Brian retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2012 after serving the country for over 20 years. He got his start barbering in 1999 while deployed to South Korea. Shortly after returning to the United States, he enrolled and completed a course thru the US Navy earning his certificate to cut hair on “ship and shore”. In 2005, Brian completed his Master Barber Licensure while stationed in Kansas.

Brian believes in the barbering traditions of the 1900’s America as well as modern barbering. He has created a place where men can go to enjoy conversation, reading current events, keep up with the latest sports events, and discuss important local/national topics . He believes everyone deserves a top-notch haircut and straight razor shave at an affordable price in a friendly, clean environment.

Kenny's Bio

Kenny is a fifth generation Montanan born and raised in a small town west of Kalispell called Kila. After his travels abroad in 2003 to Italy and later exploring the beautiful state of Montana, he chose to settle in Missoula in 2012.

Shortly after settling in Missoula Kenny realized his passion was to transition from his career in the financial industry to his family career path as a hair stylist with emphasis in being a barber so he can serve both women and men of Missoula. His credentials include extensive hands-on styling techniques from Modern Beauty School where he graduated from in the past year.

After following his role models, Schorem barbers of Rotterdam for their techniques and craftsmanship, he was excited to expand his skills by specializing in men’s classic haircuts and facials. That is when he knew he wanted to be part of Master Barber of Missoula who shares the same goal of being the elite barbers of Missoula.

He looks forward to providing classic gentlemen’s services to the community and being part of the Master Barber of Missoula team.

Merval's Bio

Merval Phelan (also known as Merv to his clients) recently joined Master Barber of Missoula. Merv was born on the Crow Indian Reservation. His interest in becoming a barber started at the age of seven after watching the movie, "Barbershop". One of Merv's mentor is his brother-in-law. For the last five years Merv specializes and is known for fades, designs, and straight razor shaves. He looks forward to continue mastering his skills and serving the community.

Merval started cutting his own hair at the age of 13, and began to cut others when he was 16. After turning 21 he started Barber College at Bold Beauty Academy in Billings, MT Oct. of 2014. He Graduated August of 2015, and became a licensed professional Nov. 2015. During testing Merval Graduated from Barber College with an 88% overall and at state boards he scored a 94% on his Practical test, and a 77% on his Written Exam. You can say Merval is more comfortable with clippers, shears, and a razor in his hand than a text book.

After Merval became a licensed professional in the Barber industry he got in contact with world class barbers such as Andi’s educator and instructor Dave Diggs owner of Barber Inc., and Wahl instructor Vick “The Barber” Damone owner of Timeless Barber supply. Merval has sat in the back seat of the barber industry since being licensed but has learned and asked question from his favorite celebrity barbers. Feeling confident from only cutting hair voluntarily for kids, and veterans. Merval is ready to move into his passion part-time while attending the University of Montana.

2016 Charities

• 96.3 The Blaze no shave November
• 94.9 Kyssmiss for kids

2015 sponsorships

• Toys for Tots
• Missoula Prospects Baseball Club
• Love has Come
• Mountain Home Montana
• Chamber of Commerce
• The Sherry Mahon Francetich Home