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Whether you’re starting to look a little scruffy and need a straight razor shave or you want a razor line haircut to keep your edges sharp, you’ll find the master barber you can trust at Master Barber of Missoula in Montana. For years, our master barber has been helping men in the area look their best with a variety of barbershop services.

Don’t go to an inferior barber for men’s haircuts, shaves and grooming when you can come to Master Barber of Missoula in MT for superior services.

Specializing in traditional and modern barber services

Your professional image is important to us. Master Barber of Missoula is the go to Barbershop in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley. Brian has been in the industry for more than 16 years, earning his Master Barber (certification to License) in 2005.

What makes a Master Barber License different from a Standard or Restricted Barber License?  In most cases, you’ll find that experience, expertise and quality of service set the regular barbers apart from the master barbers. They have mastered most men’s hairstyles and hair services, and have a more proficient level of skill in the barbering arts and sciences. Also, standard barber technicians may not be trained, licensed and permitted to perform certain services, whereas a Master Barber is. The requirements for the Master Barber title vary by state, and not every state has this job title. In some states being a master barber means you’ve held your license for more than 15 to 20 years, and that you are a veteran barber. Being a master barber simply means you’ve taken more training hours or advanced training courses to meet a set minimum. To maintain the Master Barber status, you should be expected to attend seminars, training or barber continuing education classes to stay current and keep learning in the field.

Count on Master Barber of Missoula for:

• Fades
• Ethnic haircuts
• Razor line haircut
• Hot towel shave
• Eyebrow, ears and nose hair grooming
• Facials
• Beard trim

When it’s time for a haircut or straight razor shave, come to Master Barber of Missoula in Montana today!

We don’t mess around with appointments

At Master Barber of Missoula, we don’t want to fiddle around with making appointments all day. That’s why we’re a walk-in only barbershop in Montana. Just stop by anytime we’re open for a precision haircut, straight razor shave or other grooming service. Come by, read a current magazine, watch TV or join in the conversation while you wait. We focus on being a clean, structured and immaculate barbershop here in Montana. Skip the time it takes to call us and just stop by Master Barber of Missoula to get the barber services you need.

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